We Specialize In Manufacturing Custom Steel Tools Manufactured For Plastic Injection Molding

Designing and building custom plastic injection molds and specialty tooling has been the backbone of our business since our inception in 1989. We apply our two decades of expertise in producing high-precision tools for the most demanding applications.

After we have received the final design for the product, we create a mold out of steel. No detail is left out as we machine the block into the shape of the part. Each piece is then put together in a mold base.

We manufacture custom design tools to many standards. If required by customers we can use any specified mold components whether metric or standard for bases, core & ejector pins, ejector sleeves, tool and die components, hot runner systems, hot sprue bushings and temperature control systems to ensure that interchangeable components are available at the final destination.


Custom Tooling For Export

Power Mold is one of the few plastic injection mold makers in Thailand that has expert Chinese mold makers and Thai mold makers sharing knowledge and giving our customers the ability to manufacture molds and tooling both in the Thailand and China.

Our tooling and molding facilities in Thailand and China allow us to provide global tooling and molding solutions for our customers by exporting our tooling to countries all over the world.