mold repair

Power Mold Is Expert When It Comes to Mold Maintenance.

Tooling and mold maintenance is an important part of keeping a plastic injection mold in good working condition. Many times molders do not perform proper tool maintenance, and if a tool is moved to a new molding location, this could cause strained relations with the new molder.


Our On-site, Full-service Tooling Shop Is Fully Equipped To Maintain, Repair And Modify Molds.

We are able to provide routine maintenance, tool refurbishment, and more extensive reworks from badly damaged tools. Because we have our own plastic injection molding machines we can also load your tool and ensure it is working properly so you have an intermediary and third party opinion of tool condition between two molding companies or a tool maker and molder.

Just because your product requirements have changed doesn't mean you have to build an entirely new mold. We can perform any modification on your existing component to meet your new criteria, saving you money on mold development costs. Whether it's a functional change or an aesthetic revision, our services will help you improve your product without incurring the high production costs typically associated with a design change.